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Symptoms you didn’t realise were caused by depression

Depression is a mental health issue that can take over a person’s mind, but that doesn’t mean the implications of…

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Three-time Olympic gold medallist Pete Reed paralysed after spinal stroke

Three-time Olympic gold medallist Pete Reed is paralysed in his lower body after suffering a spinal stroke. The retired rower,…

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Electric cars: how much it costs to charge green vehicles – and how long it takes

The motoring world is undergoing a step-change at the moment. Everywhere you look car makers are launching new models with…

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Avocado a day could lower heart attack and stroke risk

Avocado on sourdough is a go-to brunch, but millennials may not realise how good the trendy order is for their…

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Baseball fans chanted ‘Lock him up’ at match with Trump

President Trump was booed by a group of people at a baseball game where several other Republican politicians were also…

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Why we get morning anxiety and how to cope with it

Do you wake up feeling anxious or worried that something is amiss? Morning anxiety is a common affliction – triggered…

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Losing Weight: Chew Longer, Pause Between Bites

Is there a link between eating faster and gaining weight? A new study on 60,000 Japanese people suggests that there…

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Top US Doctor Urges ‘Aggressive’ Steps Against E-Cigarettes

The U.S. Surgeon General on Tuesday called for “aggressive” action against e-cigarette use, which he said has exploded to epidemic…

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England won the Cricket World Cup 2019

The celebration for the Cricket World Cup victory has taken place at The Oval

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Yankees, Red Sox face off in first ever major league game in Europe

There may not be a bigger rivalry in American pro sports than the one between the New York Yankees and…

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