Boris Johnson: We don’t have enough testing capacity

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now facing questions from senior MPs during a session of the Liaison Committee, which is made up of all the chairs of the various select committees in the Commons.

Conservative MP Greg Clark, who chairs the science and technology committee, asked the PM about problems with the coronavirus testing capacity and whether the government currently has the ability to carry out enough tests.

“No we don’t,” Johnson replied.

He said demand for tests has “massively accelerated” in the last couple of weeks – but the government is aiming to carry out 500,000 tests per day by the end of October.

Continuing with the testing target, Clark asks if the 500,000 testing capacity will be enough to cope with those displaying Covid-like symptoms in the autumn and winter.

The prime minister says “everything is being done that we possibly can” to increase capacity.

He says it is worth “bearing in mind” that more people are being tested per head than in France or Germany.


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