Ripple Waiting for Clear Regulation from Government Helping Fintech Innovators

Ripple Insights recently considered how Fintech Businesses are hungry for regulatory clarity. They also contemplated on how transparent regulation can add to clarity. Recently, Adrienne Harris talked about how slow regulators have been to assess and approve new technologies and services. Most of the distributed ledger technology businesses are looking for regulatory clarity.

In a tweet, a digital currency expert – Sydney Ifergan – said:

“I remember someone saying the Good regulation should be conducive to business and consumer protection. Since markets are imperfect Ripple (XRP) are true when they keep reinstating on regulatory clarity.”

It is true that regulations force individuals to do better. However, it looks like a lot has to be done before it can be in place. Perhaps keeping people waiting for regulation is a means of making them prepared to accept whatever the regulation has to say.

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