Mexico passes 38,000 deaths

Latin America remains badly hit by the pandemic, with countries struggling to control the spread of the virus. Here’s a quick look at the region:

  • Peru has now passed 13,000 virus deaths – nevertheless it is going ahead with easing some restrictions. Restaurants can reopen from today but only to 40% of their capacity. Over the past 24 hours, 189 deaths and 4,090 new infections were recorded. Peru, with 33 million residents, has the second-highest number of cases in Latin America
  • Mexico, which has the fourth highest virus death toll in the world at 38,888, has now seen its president pledge to improve health standards in the region
  • But it’s Brazil that remains the worst affected country in Latin America. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, a staggering 2 million people have been infected and more than 79,000 have died. And yet President Jair Bolsonaro – who himself was infected – has continued to criticise social distancing measures, saying they have “killed” the economy

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