‘Military discipline’ will help workplaces reopen – UK minister

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace says “strong personal discipline” like that seen in the military will help keep people safe if the two-metre distancing rule is relaxed in workplaces. 

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, Mr Wallace said: “When you and I go to the supermarket and queue up at the till, we are not two metres away from that person – but they use shielding. 

“The two-metre rule is a combination of factors designed to limit the likelihood of catching something, which includes time spent next to each other. And I think there are methods around rotating your workforce, how you meet, plus very basic personal discipline (which can help).

“At the outbreak there was lots of talk about washing hands and taking precautions when you sneeze. That is as important today and will be tomorrow, as it was then.

“Soldiers have a high level of personal discipline in their training and what we have seen is the absentee rate in the army is sub 10%, which is much, much lower than the national average. 

“Part of that is driven by the discipline imposed in the workplace – and that is one of the key factors we will have to do across the community when we go back to work.”

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