Global cases top 3.5 million

As a new week starts for some of us still under tight lockdowns and for others with a bit more freedom here is a snapshot of global cases.

As of 4 May, there have been 3,505,761 cases of the new coronavirus recorded worldwide. Many of those have already recovered though and the number of currently active infections stands at around 2.4 million. 

Here are the countries with the most confirmed cases:

US (1,157,945 total, 939,758 active, 67,680 deaths)

Spain (217,466 total, 73,300 active, 25,264 deaths)

Italy (210,717 total, 100,179 active, 28,884 deaths)

UK (187,842 total, 158,421 active, 28,520 deaths)

France (168,925 total, 93,140 active, 24,900 deaths)

Germany (165,664 total, 28,198 active, 6,866 deaths) 

Russia (134,687 total, 116,768 active, 1,280 deaths)

Turkey (126,045 total, 59,497 active, 3,397 deaths)

Brazil (101,147 total, 51,131 active, 7,025 deaths)

The data is from the Johns Hopkins University and only counts confirmed cases – in many countries the actual numbers are thought to be higher.

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