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Changing faces after six weeks of lockdown

People have been sharing pictures of how their appearance has changed after six weeks of lockdown.

James Spooner, 48, from Glasgow, said: “My wife says my hair is growing upwards instead of downwards, which is quite funny.”

Eila Rodnight, 66, from Aberdeenshire, feels her hair “doesn’t look right and is unkempt” so will have to ask her husband to cut it for the first time in 43 years of marriage.

And Alistair Davidson, 60, from St Andrews in Fife, added: “When you get older you have to be careful not to look shabby and try to be well presented, but at the same time you need to innovate and have a new look from time to time.

“This lockdown gives us that opportunity to experiment. We can see what we look like with longer hair. I like it. I might ask the hairdresser to keep mine a bit longer when I next get my hair cut.”

Pictures of Eila Rodnight at the start of the lockdown and after six weeks

Eila RodnightCopyright: Eila Rodnight

Pictures of Alistair Davidson at the start of the lockdown and after six weeks

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