The grocery items that people don’t want to eat amid Coronavirus pandemic

Across the globe, the coronavirus pandemic has seen people stockpile groceries and household items, leaving entire supermarket shelves empty.

However, while some items such as bottled water and toilet paper have remained sold out or hard to find, other grocery items have proven to be not as popular.

On social media, people are sharing photos of the foods that haven’t been purchased even amidst the panic-buying.

From chocolate hummus to Dasani water bottles, these are the grocery items that have been left on shelves.

“Somehow reassuring in the midst of #coronavirus shopping frenzy to know that people still have the sense *not* to buy chocolate hummus and buffalo hummus #traderjoes,” one person tweeted alongside a photo of empty shelves in a Trader Joes apart from the spread.

Trader Joes shoppers have also left behind items such as carrot spirals and cauliflower pizza crusts.

According to other pictures shared to Twitter, a pandemic is not enough to encourage people to eat controversial pineapple-topped pizza either. 

“Still, even during these trying times the world screams out – No pineapple on pizza!” one man captioned a photo of stacked leftover frozen pizza.

“Even with coronavirus panic-buying, no one wants pineapple pizza,” another person tweeted.

Vegan and plant-based foods are also feeling the impact of the panic-buying, with multiple photos showing the grocery items left behind.

“Just went to the supermarket to see what things I might be able to actually purchase today. Turns out this is the only ‘meat’ that’s left so I guess I’m having this…” one person tweeted with a photo of plant-based burgers.

When it comes to bottled water, numerous people are opting for nothing over Dasani water, which has proven to be the least popular water brand amid the outbreak.

“Y’all hate Dasani that much?” someone captioned a photo of shelves empty apart from the water brand.

Another said: “Water is out of stock except Dasani, no one likes Dasani. #coronavirus.”

The spread of coronavirus has also had an impact on Corona beer, despite there being no relation between the respiratory disease and the alcohol.

“I really thought it was fake news that people weren’t buying Corona beer. Then I saw this today…” one person wrote on Twitter alongside a picture of the stocked beer.

According to global health organisations, households should have enough groceries to last one to two weeks in the case of an emergency.

In an effort to combat the panic buying and ensure that everyone is able to access food, many grocery retailers have implemented new rules amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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