UK Coronavirus: Latest updates from the UK

If you’re just joining us, here’s a summary of what’s happened in the UK so far today: 

  • The UK government says it is willing to bring in stricter measures to enforce social distancing if some people continue to ignore advice. Read our full story here
  • People across the UK who are most at risk from the virus are being told to stay at home for 12 weeks
  • Meanwhile, MPs are set to debate emergency legislation that would grant powers aimed at tackling the pandemic. 
  • Parents are being urged to keep their children at home, unless “absolutely necessary”, with schools across the UK now closed to most pupils
  • The government has announced a package of measures to help the UK rail industry and has promised commuters with season tickets that they will receive a refund if they choose to stay at home
  • All new jury trials in England and Wales have been halted until they can be conducted safely
  • The UK’s death toll has reached 289 – including a person aged 18 with an underlying health condition. There are 5,683 confirmed cases of the virus

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