Coronavirus UK: How are British supermarkets responding to panic-buying?

Empty shelves have been a common sight across British supermarkets of late.

With people being encouraged to stay indoors, many shoppers have looked to stock up – leading to some items temporarily running out of popular items. 

Shoppers have been told to “be responsible” and think of others such as NHS workers, such as critical care nurse Dawn Bilbrough, from York, who posted the video. .

But the supermarkets have been taking action, such as:

  • Setting limits on how many of each item people can buy
  • Setting aside ‘silver hours’ most mornings for the most vulnerable shoppers
  • Creating an “NHS hour’ dedicated to healthcare workers
  • Putting aside a proportion of basic items of NHS staff
  • Giving NHS staff priority at checkouts
  • Relaxing rules around drivers’ hours have been eased
  • Waiving the 5p plastic bag charge for online orders, to speed up deliveries

In addition, rules have also been relaxed to allow supermarkets to share resources, such delivery vans and staff, and to co-ordinate stock levels across the UK.


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