Coronavirus: False reports of tanks and troops in the UK

Social media and WhatsApp in Britain are buzzing with pictures and videos of troops and tanks, purportedly showing them moving in and around London – you may have received the images too. But the pictures are not what they seem, report our colleagues.

One image shows military vehicles driving along a road, and some people on social media claim it’s showing preparations around London. But the vehicles are driving on the right-hand side of the road. The photo first appeared on online in Ukraine earlier in the week and are at least three days old – they only surfaced on British social media accounts yesterday.

In another photo, which appears to show tanks under covers, the number plates aren’t British.Emergency planning is taking place in the UK but beware rumours circulating online. The Telegraph reported that the capital might be locked down “by the weekend”. Ministers say that there are no plans to do this at the moment but Boris Johnson said he would “rule nothing out” when asked about a possible London shutdown. 

As always, be cautious about what you see on social media and WhatsApp.

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