Mexico ranked high in homicide in 2019

The number of murders has been steadily increasing in Mexico for the last five years.

The number of murders committed in 2019 in Mexico has reached the highest level in the last 20 years. According to official data, 34.582 people were killed last year in a country with 130 million inhabitants. The number of murders committed in 2018 was 33.743.

The vast majority of murders are linked to the activities of drug cartels.

One of the main promises of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who completed one year as president, was to reduce the violence in the country.

While explaining the new figures, Obrador admitted that his government was not successful in reducing violence.

Speaking at the press conference, Obrador said, “This is a problem we cannot solve and deal with. The problem of security and violence has increased, not much has been done to get to the roots of the problem.”

Obrador announced that he would pursue a strategy different from the old governments that prioritized combating drug cartels with military methods in order to reduce the violence in the country, and established a National Guard Association consisting of military, navy and police officers.

In addition, training and employment programs for young people and strategies to combat drug addiction were developed.

However, the President has already mentioned the difficulties of implementing these strategies.

Experts point out that the increase in the number of murders is not only due to drug trafficking, unlike previous years.

Authorities say gasoline theft is one of the main reasons in the rise of homicide cases in states like Guanajuato.

Last year there was also an increase in women’s murders, kidnapping, human trafficking and extortion. Last year, the number of female murders in the country reached 1006 with an increase of 10.3 percent. More than 8,500 extortion events indicate an increase of 29 percent compared to the previous year.

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