A new virus in China affected hundreds of people in weeks, with four people dead

It has been announced that the virus, which affected hundreds of people and caused at least four deaths in a few weeks in China, is contagious. Chinese officials are trying to control the outbreak that started in Wuhan city and prevent it from spreading to the big cities.

The virus caused the death of a 89-year-old man.

In the official statements made, it is stated that more than 200 people have been exposed to the outbreak so far. However, viral disease specialists warn that the number may be close to 2000.

The Chinese National Health Commission announced that two people in the city of Guangdong were infected by other people carrying the virus. It was previously thought that the virus was transmitted only from animals to humans.

The disease first appeared in December last year in the city of Wuhan, where 11 million people live.

Due to the Chinese New Year, millions of people are expected to travel in the next few days. In this process, it is worried that the speed of the spread of the epidemic will increase.

There are also cases outside of China. It was determined that two people in Thailand and two in Japan and South Korea were infected. It was also announced that these people had recently visited Wuhan.

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