Silicosis taking lives in China

Mine bosses lay off workers with silicosis unscrupulously, for reasons other than occupational disease.’

Stating that the number of workers with silicosis increased, China Life Platform (CIYAP) stated that approximately 50 workers lost their lives for this reason.

Although it is said that various measures have been taken regarding silicosis, which has started to be recognized with denim grinding workers, there is no improvement regarding the sick workers. 

CIYAP estimates that approximately 50 workers in the region have died due to silicosis. In the written statement made by CIYAP, ‘Mine bosses lay off workers with silicosis unscrupulously on grounds other than occupational diseases. The unemployed and unhealthy workers, who are laid off, continue their lives in suffering. With their health deteriorating because they have no treatment, they often try to survive in hospital corners or bedridden connected to the oxygen cylinder. No mining boss maintains contact with any of the laid off workers again. The workers and their families are left to their fate.’

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