Scientists argue moon dust is a valuable source

NASA is concerned about the potential dangers of moon dust when astronauts travel again to the Moon.

The moon is again subject to a study. Scientists are now trying to extract oxygen from moon dust. The research  has found out that moon dust is beneficial to humanity.

European researchers are working on a system that can extract breathable oxygen from simulated examples of moon dust. “Getting oxygen from resources on the Moon will be extremely beneficial for future lunar inhabitants, both in terms of breathing and producing local rocket fuel,” said chemist Beth Lomax from Glasgow University.

Scientists who have tested their new systems in the European Space Research and Technology Center (ESTEC) Laboratory in Noordwijk, Netherlands, are currently working on prototypes. The system is expected to succeed on real moon dust.

ESTEC scientists aim to have a functional system that will be ready to work on the Moon in the mid-2020s. It is aimed that the moon explorers and researchers who will carry out the future studies can breathe a little easier if they go to the Moon equipped with such a device.

Speaking of how moon dust can now be seen as a valuable resource, scientists add that NASA is extremely concerned about the potential dangers of moon dust when astronauts first travel to the Moon. It seems right to worry about the moon dust, which turned out to be able to kill human cells and replace DNA. 

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