Long prison sentences for mother and brother of Turkish businessman, Akin Ipek

Melek Ipek, 75-year-old mother of Turkish businessman, Akin Ipek has been sentenced to 11 years and 8 months in prison and fined TL 104,100. His brother, Cafer Tekin Ipek, has been sentenced to 79 years and 8 months in prison, and fined TL 250,000. 

The two members of the Ipek family were found guilty of being members of the Gülen group, which was accused of orchestrating the 2016 coup attempt in Turkey. The group denies any involvement.

The court also ordered that the defendants’ shares in the Ipek company be transferred to the Treasury and that the board of trustees continue to run the organization.

The holding has been managed by a group of government-appointed trustees since 2015.

Akin Ipek, the founder of Ipek Holding, has been living in the UK since 2015. The Turkish government filed a formal extradition request for Akin Ipek which was rejected by a UK court.

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Resurfaced photo from a 2015 charity event shows a staunch pro-Erdogan politican, Bülent Arınç, kissing the hand of purge-victim businesswoman Melek İpek as a gesture of respect. Today, she was given 11 years and 8 months in prison on terror charges

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