Halloween is now part of gaming culture

As Halloween sales are now becoming more and more common for gaming platforms, Halloween themed games are becoming even more mainstream than ever.

What does Halloween mean to you? For millions of gamers across the globe, Halloween means something else than trick and treat.

It means sitting down comfortably on your couch and inserting your favourite Halloween game disc into your favourite console (or downloading the game on Steam, if you belong to the PC master race crowd).

However, the Halloween experience does not necessarily mean playing games specifically about Halloween either.

There are several games that offer a Halloween themed experience at this time of the year.

GTA Online to Fortnite, each popular game give players a reason to hop in and experience Halloween from a different perspective.

So if your idea of Halloween is to dress up in a fancy costume and walk from door to door, all power to you. But if you are a gamer, your living couch and your console are your friends this Halloween.

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