Death Stranding divides reviewers

The highly anticipanted Death Stranding, the first game from Hideo Kojima after he parted ways with Konami, has divided reviewers given its scope and new and old gameplay elements.

While players are excitedly waiting to play the game, some are scratching their heads over the ambiguity of some of the reviews on the game.

While most reviewers agree that the game is original and the soundtrack is phenomenonal, few agree that the game is a fun ride.

In fact, more reviewers express their frustration with the gameplay loop, which mostly involves Sam, the main character in the game, carry cargo across  the vast map of the US.

The repetitive nature of the game and the lack of variety in the gameplay made some players question the praise that has been heaped on Kojima and his game by celebrities involved with the game.

While players who pre-ordered the game will soon find out if their wait was worth it, others prefer to wait it out and see how the first players react to their experience with the game.

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