Civilization VI up for pre-order on the Playstation 4 Store

The legendary turn-based series Civilization’s latest iterance finally made it to the Playstation systems, in the form of CIV VI. The pre-order is now available on the Playstation Store, with separate pre-orders for the DLCs.

Civilization VI was a success for Sid Meier as the sequel to Civilization V was received with critical acclaim by reviewers and Civ fans alike. While the main fanbase of the Civilization games are PC players, there is a growing fanbase of console players as well. 

This is thanks to the release of the game on Nintendo Switch before the Playstation 4 release. The game was a huge success on Nintendo Switch, as it was a revolutionary move on the part of Firaxis, since no other direct port of a Civilization game was done before. Civilization Revolution was a Civ game on Playstation 3, but it was specifically designed for the console, with less complex systems and shorter playtime for each session, which was criticized by the fanbase.

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