Ryu ga gotoku 7 demo released on Playstation Store in Japan today

Ryu ga gotoku 7, which will officially be called Yakuza: Like a Dragon in the West, appeared with a playable demo on the Japanese Playstation store today, boasting a fully playable map and turn based combat, a first for  the series.

Ryu ga gotoku 7 came as a huge surprise for the fans of the Yakuza franchise, as the new entry introduced turn based combat to the series. Fans are divided about the new feature: while some welcome the new changes to the combat, yet others are disappointed that such a key element of the series is being altered drastically.

While the demo will not be out on the European Playstation Store for a long time (presumably, as the full game will not be out in the West any time soon), hardcore fans can download the Japanese demo from the Japanese Playstation store online. The new entry introduces a new protagonist, Kasuga Ichiban, who replaces Kiryu Kazuma, after the events of Yakuza 6.

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