New offerings on PS Now make the streaming service more competitive

The PS Now streaming service has now become even more competitive with a new batch of games available to stream or download to the Playstation 4 or a PC.

However, the downside is that these games, including GTAV and Uncharted 4, are only available for a limited time, until January 2020.

Despite this, there are still about 700 games to choose from, which are not going to go away unlike the half a dozen time limited games. These include hundreds of PS4 games such as Vampyr and Prey, as well as PS3 games. 

Strangely enough, the North American version of PS Now boasts more games than the European counterpart, with more 800 games. Sony has not yet given any explanation for this discrepancy. 

All in all, PS Now is now even more appealing than ever, with its cheaper price and growing library, for PS4 users who would like to have a wide variety of choices for their daily gaming needs.

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