Baseball fans chanted ‘Lock him up’ at match with Trump

President Trump was booed by a group of people at a baseball game where several other Republican politicians were also present.

When President Donald Trump visited a stadium to watch a baseball game, he was met with protests by baseball fans. Numerous people shouted ‘lock him up’, referring to Trump.
Donald Trump, who was there to watch a match between the Nationals and Astros, was booed by a large number of people as soon as his image appeared on the giant screen.
A Twitter user described the incident with the words, ‘Trump was booed and then the crowd began to chant “Lock him up!” at Game 5 of the #WorldSeries’
On the giant screen, fans who saw Trump and his wife Melania were also heard chanting “lock him up”.
Trump and his wife, as well as Republican politicians Lindsey Graham, Steve Scalise, Mark Meadows, Liz Cheney and Matt Gaetz were also among the names watching the game.

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