Avocado a day could lower heart attack and stroke risk

Avocado on sourdough is a go-to brunch, but millennials may not realise how good the trendy order is for their hearts.

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania looked at 45 overweight or obese volunteers, whose weight put them at higher risk of heart attacks and stroke.

Some of the participants were asked to add an avocado to their daily diet. Five weeks later, their “bad” cholesterol had significantly reduced.

Avocados are rich in antioxidants that may help to lower cholesterol, with the fruit closest to the skin being the most nutrient dense.

Cholesterol could otherwise accumulate in the arteries to form a clot, which can trigger heart attacks or stroke.

Heart disease is a major killer, with one in four people in both the UK and US dying from the condition, statistics show.

Avocados have been shown to reduce the risk of everything from cancer to arthritis, while also improving eyesight.

Rich in fat, albeit the “good” kind, the fruit’s effect on heart health was less clear.

To learn more, the scientists first asked the volunteers to eat a typical American diet for two weeks, so they all started on the same “footing”.

Source: Yahoo / Alexandra Thompson

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