Former French President Chirac passed away

Former French President Jacques Chirac died at age 87.

According to his family, Jacques Chirac passed away in his home. Chirac had been suffering from health problems for a long time. Details of 87-year-old Chirac’s death were not disclosed.

After graduating from Sciences Po in 1959 and then from the École Nationale d’Administration, Jacques Chirac began working as a high-ranking civil servant and soon became involved in politics. He served as Minister of State for Agriculture, Prime Minister, Mayor of Paris, and most recently, President of France.

Chirac, who was first elected president on 17 May 1995, was re-elected in April 2002, following a seven-year first term. Chirac, whose second term in office for five years ended on May 16, 2007, became the longest-held president in France after François Mitterrand with a term of office of 12 years.

Jacques Chirac became the first French president to be convicted of a charge in the Paris Metropolitan Municipality, where he was charged with paying a salary to 28 fictitious advisors.

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