Catalonia to open embassies abroad amidst criticism

The Spanish government claims that the activities of the embassies will damage Spain’s interests.

The autonomous government of Catalonia has decided to open embassies in 7 countries. According to the decree issued by the Catalan government published in the Official Gazette, embassies will be opened in the UK, USA, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy.

The Spanish government had applied to the Catalonia Supreme Court of Justice about a year ago to close the foreign embassies of the autonomous government of Catalonia.

When the Catalan court rejected the request, the central government submitted its appeal to the Constitutional Court in August.

Officials of the Spanish government said that the embassies of Catalonia “seriously damage Spain’s interests through their activities and violate the constitutional clause on international relations”.

On the other hand, the Spanish Interior Ministry sent reinforcement police to the region against possible violent incidents in Catalonia on the anniversary of the independence referendum held on 1 October 2017.

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  1. Many other spanish regions have offices abroad, but only catalan ones represent a threat to Spain interests. It’s a wonder!

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