Japanese Environment Minister Koizumi: ‘Fighting a problem like climate change has to be fun’

‘Fighting a problem like climate change has to be fun, it has to be cool. It should also be sexy,’ Japanese Environment Minister Koizumi said during a press conference.

Shinjiro Koizumi promised to make the climate struggle ‘sexy and fun’ in order to mobilize the youth in his coal-dependent country and prepare them for a lower carbon emission future.

Koizumi, who held a press conference in New York, USA at the United Nations Climate Summit, said, ‘There are many issues that sometimes seem boring in politics. Climate change has to be cool; it has to be fun to tackle a large scale problem. It should also be sexy’.

Emphasizing his commitment to creating a carbon-free society, Koizumi said, ‘We are ready to contribute to the fight against climate change as the most powerful country.’

Recalling the role of his country in the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol, the only international framework for the fight against global warming and climate change, Koizumi stated, ‘We have not shown strong leadership and decisive action since then, but there is much more we want to do.’

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