Borderlands 3 launches to criticisms of fps drops and more of the same

Borderlands series has returned with a brand new entry, and fans of the series have welcomed the new series amidst criticism from reviewers.

Borderlands 3 creators emphasise the number of weapons that the new game includes as one of the highlights of the sequel. 

However, reviewers argue that the new game needs to do more than boast hundreds of new toys to play with.

The series are hailed as one of the major titles that started the looter shooter genre, and the new game does well in this respect, making it a fun shooter amidst others.

However, whether it will break new ground is yet to be seen, as the new entry appears to be more of the same.

The game has the same irreverent tone of its predecessors, with grandiose openings to its boss fights, but the bosses themselves are nothing memorable.

Borderlands 3 tries to be something different from tactical shooters and Ghost Recon games, by creating a fun shooter experience, and that is perhaps it will win over players, more than reviewers. 

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