SNES Games now a Free Download for Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers

While Nintendo Switch has been churning out two NES games per month for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers for some time, now this has changed for the better (or worse). Currently on the Nintendo Switch, there is a free download of not one, but twenty SNES games, all coming in a bundle with the new Super NES Nintendo Switch Online app (a mouthful). 

This is different from the previous NES app, and it makes one wonder why Nintendo did not merge the two. At any rate, it is now possible to play a selection of SNES games on the Nintendo Switch.

The selection offers racing games, has some quality brawlers, Mario games, and the usual platformers. The games differ from NES games in visual quality and sound effects, and they are very enjoyable both on the go and in docked mode. The games cannot be made full screen, but that is understandable, given how old they are, and full screen mode would make them things worse. Rather, we are given three different visual styles, including a retro look which can look fantastic.

All in all, the introduction of SNES games means that there will be no regular offerings of NES games every month, and Nintendo confirmed they will release the free SNES games intermittently. This is the better or worse part: it’s hard to know how often Nintendo will release games, and how many each time, is the glowing question. At the end of the day though, the inclusion of SNES games for Nintendo Switch Online, is definitely a welcome addition to the Nintendo Switch library.

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