Trump confirms his intention to buy Greenland

US President Trump confirmed his intention to buy Greenland, but said the issue was not a priority for the US government.

US President Donald Trump has confirmed the attempt to buy Greenland, an autonomous island owned by Denmark. “This is an issue we are discussing,” Trump told reporters on Sunday, answering a question on the issue. “The concept came up and I said it was strategically interesting and we were interested in it,” the US leader stated.

The US leader said that the issue of the acquisition of Greenland should be negotiated with the Danish government in advance.

Trump, who traded in real estate before he was elected president, said that Greenland is an economical burden to Denmark annually, adding that the island had a geopolitical significance for the United States.

The news that Trump wants to buy the entire island of Greenland was published in the Wall Street Journal last week. In a response by the autonomous Greenland administration it was stated, “We have good co-operation with the United States, and we see it as an expression of interest in investing in our country and the possibilities we offer.” 

“Of course Greenland is not for sale’, the response concluded.

In 1946, The Truman government offered Denmark $ 100 million for the island, but was met with a rejection.

Greenland, an ice-covered island, attracts the attention of China and Russia as well as the United States due to its strategic location and underground wealth.

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