Trailer for ‘Little Aylan’, film on Syrian refugee crisis has been released

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu also took part in the film which was shot without the permission of Abdullah Kurdi, the father of Alan Kurdi, whose lifeless body had washed ashore in Bodrum, Turkey.

While the Syrian family tried to escape from the civil war to Greece, the lifeless body of 3-year-old Alan Kurdi had washed ashore in Bodrum. 

Omer Sarikaya, the director of such films as ‘Islamophobia’, ‘Silent Angel’, and ‘Silent Cry’, is directing the film ‘Aylan Bebek’ (‘Little Aylan’). Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu and CHP Deputy Chairman Bülent Kuşoğlu are some of the politicians to appear in the film. Alongside actress Wilma Elles, known to be close to the AKP, other actors such as Mike Mitchell, Hande Fırat, (Hürriyet daily columnist), journalist Talat Atilla, Kadir Süleyman, Ali Sabri Belaid, Aydan Çakır, Dursun Hazerov, Yonca Yeşil, Mustafa Ayhan and Eymen Kaya will also appear in the film.

One of the noteworthy scenes of the film involves Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu talking  with Talat Atilla in the role of the chief prosecutor. “Even if the world leaves us alone, we will not leave humanity alone,” says Interior Minister Soylu in the film.

On the other hand, when it was announced that a film about Alan Kurdi was to be made, his father Abdullah Kurdi reacted and said that he had given permission for the film  to be made about his son and his family. 

“They did not have my permission. I cannot approve the making of this film. As if this was not enough, my son’s name was changed into Aylan in the film,’ Abdullah Kurdi stated.

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