Jihadi Jack’s citizenship revoked by the British Government

The British passport of ISIS member Jack Letts, also known as ‘Jihadist Jack’, has been cancelled. 

The British government revoked the citizenship of Jack Letts, known as “jihadist Jack.” Letts, who is also a Canadian citizen, is currently being held in Syria, in a region under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Letts became a Muslim at the age of 16, left his school in Oxford in 2014 when he was 18 and fled to Raqqa to join ISIS. In May 2017, he was caught by YPG when he was trying to cross into Turkey. Letts said in an interview after his capture that he wanted to return to England.

The cancellation of Letts’ British passport means that he will now be treated only as a Canadian citizen. This decision is thought to be one of the last acts of the Theresa May government.

The British government had also cancelled the passport of Shamima Begum, a member of ISIS.

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