Kashmir breaking news: Schools and phone lines are finally reopening after lockdown

Indian authorities announced that they are commencing restoration of  phone lines in Kashmir starting from Friday night. Meanwhile, in Srinagar afternoon prayers were performed at local mosques with no issues, with strong security presence.

Telephone and internet links were cut and public assembly banned in Kashmir just before New Delhi removed the decades-old autonomy the Muslim majority territory enjoyed under the Indian constitution. The measures were aimed at preventing protests.

“You will find a lot of Srinagar functioning tomorrow morning,” Jammu and Kashmir Chief Secretary B.V.R. Subrahmanyam told reporters.

“Over the weekend, you’ll have most of these lines functional,” he said, responding to a question about landlines.

He did not say when internet and mobile phone services would be restored, adding that militant groups could use the latter to organise “terror actions”.

India has battled a 30-year revolt in Jammu and Kashmir in which at least 50,000 people have been killed. Critics say the decision to evoke the region’s autonomy will cause further alienation and fuel the armed resistance.

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