German Soldier detained in Istanbul for taking selfie on Istiklal Street

The German soldier who was detained in Istanbul was detained for taking a selfie on Istiklal Street, but was allegedly tortured in custody.

According to Deutsche Welle, the German soldier who was taken into custody in Istanbul left Turkey on Thursday. Hessischer Rundfunk reported that the German soldier was taking a selfie at the beginning of the week on Istiklal Street when he was stopped by a civilian police. The German soldier reportedly did not want to delete the video, and refused to unlock the phone’s key. The detained soldier was then taken to the nearest police station. The soldier, who was brought before the judge on Tuesday, was released on bail. 

According to Hessicher Rundfunk’s article, the soldier was subjected to violence under police custody. The soldier was then advised by the German Consulate to obtain an assault report.

According to Deutsche Welle, the soldier was serving in the airborn division of the Germany army. Located in the town of Stadtallendorf, Hesse, the airborne division has about 9,500 troops. The division performs tasks such as evacuation of German citizens, fighting against irregular forces and special operations

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