Boris Johnson to push Britain ahead to no-deal Brexit, after rejecting another EU concession

Boris Johnson, the favorite for next prime minister, stated that he ‘would not accept compromise on the Northern Irish backstop’ , on Monday which hardline pro-Brexit MPs previously said they would accept. The tense negotiations are rising between the UK and the EU and increases the chances of a no-deal Brexit which for now is expected to be on 31st October.

Theresa May was forced to quit as Conservative party leader earlier this year after repeatedly losing votes on her Brexit deal, due largely to the inclusion of the so-called “backstop,” which is designed to prevent a hard border between United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland if talks break down. 

Many Conservative Members of Parliament oppose the agreement because they believe the backstop element would keep the UK tied to EU trade and customs rules indefinitely after Brexit.

Some of those MPs have suggested that a compromise deal, in which there is a fixed time-limit on the backstop or a unilateral exit mechanism for the UK, could potentially win over a House of Commons majority. 

However, speaking at The Sun newspaper’s hustings on Monday evening, Johnson said that he would not accept these sort of compromises, and that as prime minister he would demand that the backstop be removed altogether.

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