Hannity: Rachel Maddow moderating debate an ’embarrassment’ for NBC News

Fox News’ Sean Hannity blasted NBC News for allowing opinion host Rachel Maddow to moderate Wednesday’s debate, calling it an embarrassment.

“The real embarrassment is that NBC allowed the biggest conspiracy theorist in the country to moderate the debate. The so-called news network put ‘Roswell’ Rachel Maddow right there, front and center,” Hannity said on Thursday’s edition of Fox News’ “Hannity.” “The single biggest conspiracy theorist in the country.”


Hannity blasted NBC and called out longtime NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw, asking if the retired anchorman was watching what his news organization had become.

“NBC is not interested in the truth, they’re not interested in integrity or actual journalism. Instead, NBC News — Tom Brokaw, are you watching? Didn’t you build up this brand? A TV channel that works in unison with everything Democratic Party, everything socialist. Everything to smear, slander President Trump every hour of every day,” the Fox News host said.

Hannity also went after the Democratic Party for sliding further to left.

“Last night’s debate did confirm what we’ve also been telling you for some time. Moderates in the Democratic Party, they are extinct. They no longer exist. There are no more Joe Liebermans, Scoop Jacksons. Radical socialists have completely and totally taken over,” Hannity said.

“There are no more Joe Liebermans, Scoop Jacksons. Radical socialists have completely and totally taken over.”

— Sean Hannity

Hannity also took umbrage with many of the political platforms candidates expressed — in particular the ones that were anti-capitalism.

“Last night they were just obsessed with vilifying private enterprise. In other words, that which has created the greatest standard of living in the industrialized world, that has advanced the human condition more than any governmental system. Capitalism works and we share it with others,” Hannity said.

“I wonder why New York, New Jersey, let’s say Illinois, California are losing population? Yeah, because of what they proposed last night. Where are we going to go next?”

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