Big City Stories on PS4: a new Sim City or Cities: Skylines?

While there is no shortage of city building sims on the PS4, there is really no competition compared to the variety found on PC. However, a new addition to the genre on Sony’s console, is here to bring some much needed city building fun.
But does Big City Stories deliver on the promise of a fully fledged city building sim? For starters, the game is free to play, and despite that, it boasts the functions and tools of a fully fledged city building sim. As such, Big City Stories seems to be playing big.
Having said that, Big City Stories cannot compete with Cities: Skylines on the consoles, simply because Cities have been polishing their game for years, and what you have in Cities is a masterpiece, while Big City Stories is a newcomer in town.
Despite its newbie status, Big City Stories has one clear advantage, and that is being free, and newcomers to the city building sim genre will find a lot to enjoy and tinker here. Time will tell whether Big City Stories can dethrone the other city building sims from their thrones on the consoles.

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