Trump confirms John Bolton wants to bring US into multiple conflicts

Trump said on Saturday that Bolton is doing a very good job, but that they are often in disagreement about the Middle East.

United States President Donald Trump has confirmed that John Bolton, his National Security Advisor, wants to bring his country into multiple international conflicts. 

Trump tried to dispel concerns about the impact of Bolton, who also served in the White House under Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

Trump recalled his opposition to the 2003 invasion of Iraq and said he had cancelled the decision to launch an air strike on Iran last week in retaliation for dropping an American drone. Trump had previously announced his decision to cancel the air strike, arguing that the attack ‘would not be proportionate’ and ‘would have killed 150 people’.

On Saturday, Trump talked about Bolton, saying “He’s doing a great job, but we’re often in disagreement over the Middle East.” 

Bolton, who visited Israel on Sunday, said, “Iran should not fall into a mistake of confusing US cautiousness and common sense with weakness.”

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