Breath of the Wild sequel on the way, has a darker tone

Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been confirmed to receive a sequel, rather than a DLC as was being planned previously.

A trailer of the sequel was shown during E3, with Zelda and Link appearing together in a cave like structure, with a foreboding music in the background and a sinister enemy appearing in front of them.

Fans have compared what they saw in the trailer with the original Breath of the Wild, and have noted the new hair style of Zelda. They also speculate that Zelda could be a new playable character for the first time, as both characters are seen to be working together.

The sinister enemy, on the other hand, has been speculated to be Menace, an earlier arch enemy of Link, before Ganon in the sequence of events. This might give the game a much darker tone, and may mean that the sequel would be closer to Majora’s Mask than Breath of the Wild in terms of its themes and enemy types, while Breath of the Wild was clearly resembling Wind Waker with its art style.

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