Samsung exec says “most” of the Galaxy Fold’s display problems have been fixed

When Samsung sent the first batch of Galaxy Folds to reviewers, it quickly became apparent there were some problems. Phones failed due to dust getting caught under the screen, due to reviewers removing a protective layer that appeared to be a standard screen protector, and seemingly just by being used as regular phones.

Samsung then had to retrieve said units and make some fixes, delaying arguably the most anticipated phone of the year. Now it seems the phone is finally nearing a release date. As reported by The Korea Herald, Samsung Display VP Kim Seong-cheol said “most of the display problems have been ironed out, and the Galaxy Fold is ready to hit the market” while speaking at a display conference in Seoul.

That being said, it’s a bit curious that Seong-cheol notes that the phone is ready for release with “most” of the problems ironed out. Hopefully, that’s just a miscommunication, and people won’t still be finding major faults with their $2,000 smartphones come launch date.

The Galaxy Fold was originally slated to launch April 26, but had to be delayed due to the aforementioned display problems. Samsung is clearly taking its time to try to give the Fold a successful launch; we don’t want the display equivalent to the Note 7’s battery fiasco.

With the Note 10 expected to be announced in August, it would be easy for Samsung to just add the Fold to that launch event, but current rumors suggest Samsung is still aiming to have the Fold out before then – perhaps late July. In any case, it shouldn’t be too much longer until we find out.


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