A city tour in London

There are two streets in London famous for shopping: Regent Street and Oxford Street. The intersection of these streets is Oxford Circus. This is the most crowded, busiest spot in London. It always has a flow of people moving through it. Then we move to Piccadilly Square. This is the transit spot for millions of people every day. Leicester Square, another famous London square, also attracts a great number of local and foreign visitors on a daily basis. Leicester Square is a center of art, culture and theaters. The square hosts a number of musicals and is also the place where many first screenings of movies are made.
If you are in London you have to take a boat tour of the Thames River. We start our tour at Westminster Bridge near to the Palace of Westminster. We will travel from here to Tower Bridge. The tour will take 20 minutes. We pass under the bridge after which we see the famous parliament building and the clock tower, nicknamed Big Ben. We keep on moving and the people on board have a great chance to see the historical buildings along the river.

A city connected by bridges

We pass under many bridges during our tour. London is a city connected through bridges. The vessel we are passing by is a warship used during the Second World War. Currently it serves as a museum. London City Hall is a short distance from this spot. The Thames River is being purified to supply potable water for the city of London. So Thames River is the main source of drinkable water for the London residents. Now we arrive at Tower Bridge. This is a historical structure completed in 1894 and is one of the symbols that represents London. The tower is associated with the city.
So we decide to take this chance and try to catch some nice shots using our camera. During this nice boat tour, we also ride the famous Ferris wheel known as the London Eye. This has 32 capsules, every one of which carries 25 persons. They make a gesture and allow us on board so that we can take our photos. The capsule carries our crew only. We see the capsule next to us. The people in that capsule are also enjoying the view. The wheel offers a nice view of London. As we ascend on the wheel, we see the Thames River, the parliament building and many other buildings. The view gets even better as we ascend. The London Eye cost 75 million pounds but this cost has been recovered in five years. The cost of entry for each person who rides it is19 pounds. We keep moving. A tour takes 30 minutes, we are halfway through and still have 15 minutes to go. At this stage, we also see many other capsules full of people. The riders are able to see what is around them because the capsules are made of glass. I suppose that this is the place with the best view of London. The interior design of the capsule is just perfect; even air-conditioning is included for the visitors’ comfort.
We are now at the top point in the London Eye’s rotation; the highest the capsules can go is 135 meters. This is the spot with the nicest view. We are still moving even after we reach the top, the visitors on the capsule are able to have a view of a large area if there is clear weather. Today is a little bit cloudy but there is still a nice view.

Getting off the capsule, we see a lot of people waiting to board the London Eye and have a nice view of the city. They have been waiting in line for an hour. They seem bored, but they have no other choice. There is huge demand for the wheel. The London Eye makes a lot of money thanks to this huge interest in the ride.

Street artists along the Thames River exhibit their talents to attract visitors’ attention. Some sing a song; some display their talents and skills.

Visiting London — so much to see

During our city tour, we also pay a visit to Oxford Vision, a firm which has placed more than 10,000 students in language schools, colleges, masters programs and summer schools. It also has local offices in İstanbul and Ankara. The Director Hakan Gökçe says that they assist a number of students from Turkey here with college studies or language needs.

There are many other places to see in London. The famous Millennium Bridge which can hold 5,000 people at a time, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Cathedral, where British queens and kings have been sworn in to the throne since 1066, Camden Market, Tower Bridge, the ferry tour along the Thames River, the Madame Tussaud Museum which hosts statues of celebrities, the restaurants offering the British national meal fish and chips, the wigged attorneys and the interesting story behind it are all waiting for you here. Well, let us keep moving in our tour. Who knows? Maybe someday you will come and see this city. What do you say?

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