New Death Stranding Trailer to be released today

Death Stranding, an upcoming game produced by Kojima Productions, will receive a new trailer that will be released today to much anticipation by fans of Hideo Kojima. Although the game’s story is still largely shrouded in mystery, it has so far been established that the plot follow Sam Porter, who tries to fix his world that has been destroyed by a being or beings called Death Stranding.

Before the trailer, Hideo Kojima released two teasers through his Twitter account, which were found to be cryptic and open to interpretation. At the same time, the title’s pre-order images also appeared on the Playstation Store, which lists a number of pre-order bonuses, including special gear and clothing.

That the game has already appeared on the store has increased the hopes of fans, as this may signal that we may hear a release date soon.

Alex Richardson

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