Details of Sony’s latest exclusive revealed

Details of Sony’s latest exclusive Death Stranding have come to surface with the most recent trailer that appeared on Twitch yesterday.

The trailer showed Norman Reedus, the protagonist of the title, riding a motorbike across a barren land.

Reedus was also seen using ladders to traverse hills and climb mountains.

The trailer also revealed that players will be able to travel the game world freely, and will even be able to travel to the moon. How this will be achieved, and whether the game involves space travel, is still a mystery. All in all, the game looks absolutely stunning, with realistic motion capture and weather effects. The game looks like a next gen title with technologically advanced mechanics and a special mutliplayer component integrated into the game.

The trailer also made it clear that the game will be coming out in December 2019,with Kojima fulfilling his promise he had made regarding an end of 2019 release date.

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