Sony officially confirms backwards compatibility and other features for PS5

Sony confirmed several features for their upcoming next gen console with a surprise official announcement.

Although some of these features were confirmed through unofficial channels, fans were excited to hear the news from Sony itself.
The most talked about feature, backwards compatibility, was confirmed in the announcement. However, it was not specified whether this means that the upcoming console would play PS4 discs, not to mention PS3 and previous Sony consoles.

Other features announced include 3D Audio, continuing support for the PSVR, a new headset with new features such as wireless connection and built-in headphones, among others.

PSVR has been gathering fans across the world with its new approach to gaming, although PS4 players also have been criticizing the headset for its long wiring and lower resolution compared to competitors in the market. Sony is expected to address these issues with their new PSVR headset.

Finally, Sony lately announced that PS5 players will have the cross-play feature, which will allow them to play multiplayer games with PS4 players seamlessly. This will help thrive multiplayer on the PS5, as the player base from both PS4 and PS5 would be combined, allowing for playing games across the current gen and next gen platforms.


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