UK Prime Minister Theresa May prepares to resign from position

The number of politicians who resigned due to Brexit rose to 21.

While Prime Minister Theresa May was preparing to present her new Brexit deal to the parliament, Andrea Leadsom, responsible for setting the agenda of government for the House of Commons, has announced her resignation.

Leadsom, who issued a written statement from her Twitter account, listed the reasons for her resignation in four points. She commented that a second Brexit referendum would be ‘dangerously divisive’, arguing that the deal would make the UK stop being completely independent.

Leadsom criticized May for not bringing the Brexit proposals and suggestions to the cabinet for a detailed review.

Leadsom had sought the post of David Cameron’s resignation as prime minister after the Brexit referendum in 2016, but then withdrew from the race to allow May to become the PM.

The Times newspaper also claimed that Prime Minister May is preparing to resign tomorrow, as a result of her cabinet’s opposing the Brexit deal.

From her Twitter account, Leadsom wrote: ‘It is with great regret and a heavy heart that I have decided to resign from the Government.’


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