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Colors are an integral part of decoration. For this reason, the color of a living space and the colors of the objects in it need to be considered together. What are the most popular colors of the season? I will share with you some tricks to consider when choosing colors.

In terms of decorating, you can create a brand new space just by repainting a home or workplace. However, the design of the space should also be revised accordingly. Interior designer Hande Tözün of Tözün Mimarlık gave us some hints about the fashionable colors of the season and how to choose colors when decorating.

Choice of colors: Why is it important?

Interior designer Tözün states that color is the most important factor to affect the ambiance of a room. However, this is not limited to the color of the walls. A whole color scheme needs to be planned and the wall paint is just one of the aspects to take into consideration. The color of the material (if you are using wallpaper, that is) you will use in the background, your upholstery and drapery and the set of accessories to be used are all components of the color scheme you intend to create. The important bit is to decide whether you want to create a harmonious combination or a striking one that employs contrasting colors and then to pick up the set of color tones you want to focus on.

This season’s favorites: emerald green and fuchsia

In spring and summer, you can ready your house like your clothes for the season. You can use different tones of vibrant colors in combination with each other to reflect the enthusiasm of spring. This can be done with floral upholstery or cushions with cream colors over large areas. Energizing colors are vibrant yellow, emerald green and fuchsia. If you intend to renovate your summer house, a sea theme is the perfect choice. To do this, you can use shades of white, sand colors and blue. For the sake of harmony, you need to choose accessories that have the same colors as those which dominate your space. Thus, you may use cushions of different shades of beige with or without a pattern as accessories to a beige sofa. For unique color harmony, why not put vibrant yellow or pink objects against a black wall?

Selecting paints

Paints that can be wiped down will make cleaning walls much easier. Advances in nanotechnology have led to the creation of odorless paints that are better for people’s health. Hypoallergenic paints could be used for children’s rooms.

It is difficult to use dark or vibrant colors on large wall surfaces. Before making your mind up about the paint, you should think about the decorative style you intend to create and the materials available to you.

If you use more than two colors on a wall, it may make the space seem smaller and messier. However, this combination can produce good results if supported with the correct furniture and accessories. The important thing is not the single color you apply everywhere but the impact all the colors you choose will have overall.

First make up your mind

For what purpose will the space to be painted be used?

Would you prefer it to be an attractive, vivid space or a calming location?

Do you want it to seem larger or smaller than it really is?

Are you after a cold or warm atmosphere?

Is the space bright or dark?

Does it have a high or low ceiling?

Is it narrow and long or square?

Does it face north or south?

Things to keep in mind

In bright environments, colors appear to be more vivid and on dark days or in dim places, they seem to be paler. Depending on the angle the light hits the wall, different shades of the color may appear and you should take this into consideration when decorating.

Vibrant colors add vividness to the environment and people, while pale colors instill a sense of calmness. Vibrant colors boost the environment’s energy, while pale colors may trigger a pessimistic mood. When interior walls are painted with vibrant shades, they give the impression that the room’s temperature is higher. Light colors make a place seem larger, while dark colors make it appear smaller.


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