Jurassic Park Revolution is a return to form for Theme Park Games

Jurassic Park is a beloved franchise, and it has spawned countless video games over the years in a number of genres. The theme park format is also not new to the series, with a few titles that tried to recreate the Jurassic Park of the original film.

The latest title from Frontier Developments manages to recreate the atmosphere and feel of a theme park filled with dinosaurs, big and small, with lots of challenges to boot.

However, the most fun that casual players generally will have will be with the ability let loose the very same dinosaurs and create a dino-crisis, that is not too different from the disaster that saw T-rex let loose on the cast of the first film.

However, fans of the franchise are on the fence when it comes to whether the game will lives up to the hype and makes them feel like a real manager of a theme park with dinosaurs. While the results can be very subjective, there is no doubt that this is the best looking Jurassic Park game ever, with slick dinosaur animations and realistic weather effects.


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