New Dragon Age game is in development

To become the next mainline title in the Dragon Age series and to follow Dragon Age: Inquisition, a new Dragon Age game has started to be developed, according to developer BioWare.

Although there isn’t enough information about the upcoming Dragon Age game, fans have already started to discuss what they want to see in a new Dragon Age game, and what they do not want to return from the previous games.

One thing fans almost unanimously agree on is that the developers really need to get rid of the Power collecting system from DA: Inquisition, which barred the player’s progress until they collected enough power points, which resulted in a lot of grinding and frustration.

Another thing that fans want to see improved is the battle system: although Dragon Age had a progressive battle system that allowed for customization, its actual battle animations and impact on enemies were reminiscent of MMOs. More robust battle animations and hit detection would be the way forward, according to fans.

All in all, these two important areas, the player progression and the combat system need to receive some serious overhaul for fans and newcomers to enjoy the next Dragon Age game to the fullest.


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