Ni no Kuni 2 has some of the charm of Studio Ghibli films

The challenge of transforming an animation or a film into a game is real. What Ni no Kuni 2 attempt to do is even more difficult perhaps, as it tries to replicate the success and feel of a Studio Ghibli film, not necessarily any particular film that came out from the beloved anime studio.

For one thing, the Ni no Kuni series’ stories cannot rival with the studio’s famous films, like Spirited Away. While the series replicates the character animations and the general feel of a Studio Ghibli title, they do not have stories as deep as any of the films. While the first Ni no Kuni was about a boy who enters a world of wonders after his mother passed away, the second film is about an ousted young king who wants to unite his world under the same banner. What moves these stories forward are the characters and the cute animals called familiars from the first game, and Higgledies.

Thus, it makes fans wonder whether an upcoming Ni no Kuni title can live up to the expectations and create a plot as deep and intricate as a Studio Ghibli film. While it is not impossible, game developers need to really raise the ante and hire some more professional writers to come close.


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