Days Gone receives critical acclaim from reviewers amidst player criticism

Days Gone, the latest game from SIE Bend Studios and published by Sony, is a zombie apocalypse game that doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, but provides a new fun map to explore and gives the player ample opportunities to kill hordes of zombies.

While Days Gone was received favourably in general by reviewers, gamers who played the game did not shy away from expressing their criticism and frustration on forums and comments sections. The most commonly voiced criticism is that the game’s version of zombies is not vastly different from what we have come to expect from the genre, despite the developer’s statements that they would be different.

Another criticism is about the graphical downgrade from the initial trailers, with the effect that while riding around the map the texture pop ups have been found to hinder the player or even cause sudden accidents where a rock would appear in front of them all of a sudden.

While the game was criticised by some players, others expressed their enjoyment and likened the game to a Zombie apocalypse version of Red Dead Redemption, the beloved series created by Rockstar Games. We will see whether Days Gone will live up to the expectations of both fans and reviewers in a few months after everyone has completed the game.


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