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Accessories emulate aristocracy

Every season, the world of fashion presents contradictions. Items with a masculine look have become popular this season, and accessories such as bags, belts, shoes and even headbands are attracting attention by emulating the glorious world of the old aristocracy.

Over the last few years, we are seeing soft, non-dominant yet strong designs that bring menswear to mind. All are versions of an approach seeking to promote the strong angles of men’s fashion to urban women who are focused on their careers.

The elegant, innocent and delicate looks of overly feminine style have been endlessly covered. Being cool is the main rule, and outfits transform based on that. But there are also different designs from the past that are appearing once more in seemingly nostalgic collection. Silhouettes referencing the years when aristocratic art was dominant are particularly attractive these days. I was thinking about whether such extreme designs would be suitable for casual dress, and I began noticing on the streets gloriously adorned bags and purses that we are only used to seeing on runways.

The princesses are no longer wearing the crowns. They are now being used at special events and worn by everyday women, because everybody wants to be a queen. Subtler crowns, adorned headbands, are being worn in combination with sportswear.

Even sports caps are getting sequin treatments. Designer Shourouk has become popular by putting jewels on bags, and she will keep doing this in the summer with hats as well. Shourouk has already received many orders for these items. Female pop singers who love showing off wear them as well. It is not hard to predict that they will be all over the streets in the summer. This trend also applies to belts. The yellow-gold metal belts of last year are now being replaced by yellow-gold leather belts that are worn over sweaters, skirts and dresses. So why have belts become so important for clothing items that don’t actually need to be held up? Because for renowned designers in particular, belts come at a lower price among what are normally luxury goods, ensuring that people with different income levels can still buy something designer. Belts often serve as representative of these brands. Buckled versions of belts are also popular.

Shoes have also become frilly. Even though this look is fine for special events, such items are not favorable for daily life. An outfit’s juxtaposition with these shoes can often give clothes a more masculine look

This is no different with bags and purses. However, jewelry brands, amazingly, have picked up on this in particular and are selling bags. For instance, Janna has bags with diamonds and offers them for sale in its stores. Bags are also exhibited in diamond stores. Bulgari is another extraordinary example of this fusion. They add a new dimension to jewelry by using precious stones on their exclusive leather bags. Jewelry brands of high fashion, like Mawi, have managed to transform women’s love for bags and diamonds.

You wear what you eat!

We can now better understand that technology and fashion are intertwined. Uniqlo, founded in Japan in 1984, has designed a food application for the iPhone and iPad. The website or “Uniqlo Recipe,” describes how the company hired six famous American chefs to prepare dishes inspired by Uniqlo’s LifeWear collection. The app includes 24 different recipes and has attracted a great deal of attention. The chefs posed wearing the items from the Uniqlo collection that served as inspiration for them. The combination of foods and fashion is certainly original. You can buy what the chefs are wearing directly from the app. The brand underlines “lifestyle” rather than fashion; this and the way Uniqlo presents its clothes are pretty extraordinary.


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